Edward Spaulding DeVoe exhibits throughout the United States and abroad. His works are in numerous private and public collections in Europe, the Middle East and North America. Corporate collections include the Ritz Carlton, Reader's Digest and Boerhinger Ingelheim. His work was featured at the United Nations Ambassador's Ball and was auctioned by Christie's in support of the World Trade Center Relief Fund.

Mr. DeVoe is acclaimed for the authenticity of his techniques. He is recognized for his unique ability to "create modern paintings with the qualities of the Renaissance Masters. Through painstaking research and collaboration with a noted Italian restorer, Mr. DeVoe developed techniques which enhance the natural brilliance and transparency of oil mediums.”

“Classical music and Greek mythology have been enduring influences in my life. My artistic metamorphoses were inspired, in part, by the sounds of a Chopin or Mozart or Verdi and with visions of the relevance of epic stories centered in the Greeks. ”