A Family Story

Oil on linen 24x36

A doctor approached me about making a family portrait. After several consultations, we decided to tell the family story by setting his young family of five by a stream running through their property. To prepare, I visited them at their home, made numerous sketches and took photographs. The parents also brought their children to my studio where I made smaller studies.

The resulting oil painting was a symbolic rendering of a dynamic couple with their three children. I painted the father teaching his sons how to cast into the river of life as the mother and daughter caught the fish in a net. Their home was included in the background, creating more than a traditional family portrait. It is a picture brimming with meaning and personal significance.

This painting took over a year to complete but it now hangs as centerpiece of the family home. It serves not just as a memory but as a vision of one family's closeness and growing love.