Firebird Suite

Oil on Linen - 32 x 30

The family's house had burned down and they had nowhere to go. It looked like all was lost. But they turned to LX-TV OPEN HOUSE - To the Rescue for help. Renowned New York designer, Christopher Hyland, commissioned me to paint a picture which would instill a renewed sense of hope for this family in their rebuilt house. I chose to make one of my abstracts to music.

For inspiration, I chose Stravinsky's "Firebird Suite" which tells the story of the phoenix rising from the ashes. I wanted to create a powerful abstract and provide a metaphor which the whole family could embrace. Mr. Hyland provided me with a general idea of the colors of the living room where this picture would hang. It became both centerpiece and unifying theme for the new home.

I donated this painting to LXTV - To the Rescue and am pleased with the result. Not only did my picture appear on national television but I helped a family in crisis. That is a privilege many artists never have.